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Why Talk To US

EMH Travel specializes in tailor-made individual itineraries for a large spectrum of travellers seeking authentic experiences around the globe. Our reputation has developed through a deep knowledge and exploration in terms of cultural facets in the countries and regions we are associated. All of our staff have either lived in or travelled.

We believe that your holiday should be truly an unforgettable experience and not just a trip, so we blatantly refuse to take any risks in terms of your facilitating needs. The expert knowledge of all our specialists allows us to select the best possible accommodation, guides and excursions to suit your tastes and budget.

If your needs or wants from your desired holiday are specific our detailed knowledge to plan your ideal itinerary is imminent. The great thing about tailor-made travel is that your complete trip is designed around your interests and budget, so you can explore at your own pace and select accommodation that suits you, with our specialist knowledge at your disposal to perfect your travel plans.

Our specialists are at the heart of EHM Travel operations: you can rely on their first-hand knowledge and boundless enthusiasm. Find out about our unique approach to planning and booking your holiday, with the highest levels of service and information.

We have a firm commitment to minimizing the environmental and social impact of your travel, and strive to ensure that a visit to EHM Travel has a positive impact on you for life.